My Neighbor the Closet Naturist

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Closet Nudist – For me, social nudity has been naked in a public setting. This can go without saying by leaving your windows open. Regrettably, I don’t enjoy folks are looking in my windows so I like to remain clothed when doing sofor now.
Now, I went for a walk with my neighbor and his dog to get out of the home. Yes, one thing I have learned while handling an internet network would be to get out more. Virtual relationships do not consistently take a nice function on the mind in relations to your own sanity. So, I started going for walks with my neighbor to walk his dog around the neighborhood.
While doing so, I find it fun to talk about what I do on our social network. Even though my neighbor is a closet nudist, aka: homebody and has been to a nudist beach once while traveling, social nudism isn’t the thing for him. Little did he know until today that he’s in fact a semi-social nudist. Here is the storyline
Close to two months past, I moved into this new location along the shore of LA County and learned there was space behind my house which was government property which belonged to the Gas Company. For the longest time I wanted to scout it out, though was reluctant to do so because my guy was intimidated by private property signs. Naturally, the extent of my ventures were limited to gazing up this never-ending hill and nothing further. I had no clue what was behind my house. Now was the day of the enormous discovery with my sidekick, unattributable and his dog Pebbles.
I’m A Closet Nudist !
We walked around the back street that leads to the road of behind my house. As we walked along this pathway, we learned there was a tremendous open lot of land that has been scarcely ever utilized by local residents and government employees. In addition, we learned there was a perfect view from this lot straight into my neighbor’s living room. Needless to say, he wasn’t overly thrilled because he always leaves his window open and enjoys the “solitude” of being at home nude. This may changeperhaps not.

My neighbor has come across got to make now. He can change his life around his neighborhood surroundings by keeping his window closed so he can stay a homebody, or he can continue doing what makes him happy and leave his window open as a semi-social nudist. Either or we shall see what choice he decides to makes as it is an noticeable one.
What are your ideas. Are you really a semi-social naturist, or a homebody when it comes to the solitude of your own home?
Now..what exactly are semi-social naturists you say? It truly is the act of conveying to another human being indirectly through body language. This can be done without audio. Since we live so close to one another, we are consistently expressing ourselves on way or the other without even knowing who is tuning in. If this still does not make sensewell what else can I say, I just made it up; nevertheless, it really is a genuine narrative.
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